Travis McCray

“Your value is not determined by your circumstances.”

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Resilience the Anecdote

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Travis is dedicated to inspiring and helping today’s youth unlock their potential by sharing some keys that will help build resilience during adversity. Travis shares how he overcame adversity as a youth through his story, living experiences, and the imparting of his knowledge, expertise, yearning for more at an early age, and survival techniques.


Internal Currency and Courage Provides Revitalization are the books that teach you that it pays to have the resilience genetic trait and that your value is not lessened by the scars.

What People Are Saying

"Energetic and Impactful"

“During my time as principal of Greco Middle School, I had the opportunity to allow Mr. McCray to be a motivational speaker to my students. His unique presentation was not only motivating, but also energetic and impactful. Students commented how much they enjoyed hearing the stories he shared and wanted to know when he would return. He is definitely someone to include when looking for ways to motivate and inspire young people.”

Valerie Newton

"This was a life transforming session."

“Travis McCray came to our church and facilitated a group on trauma and mental health. I was inspired to bring him in to speak to members of the congregation after reading his book. Travis shared with the group some of his testimony and life challenges. He shared how he faced those obstacles and overcame. As the group session was being held many of the participants began to open up and get free as Travis asked questions and shared information. This was a life transforming session that has had lasting results and is still talked about till this day. I definitely appreciate Travis’s knowledge, his skill and his ability to create a safe atmosphere for individuals to open up, remove the mask and be open, honest and transparent.”

Ernest Chestine
Lead Pastor

"Our ministry is forever changed by this connection."

“Passionate… If a word could sum of the total of our lives, this one word would describe Travis Mccray. Without a doubt, he embodies that which he delivers. He motivates you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and to reach forth towards the tangible and attainable. Our workshop this year, was most effective due to his participation. He brought forth both his experience and knowledge. Our ministry is forever changed by this connection. Thank you for all that you have done for us.”

ONeil Salmon
Lead Pastor